God Make Plenty Zany

group portrait7reby Curtis Peter van Gorder

In the grand sum

He oft defers from

the hum-drum

Filling wonder with laughter

Of all things the grand master

The Master drafter and crafter

He lovPicture1es the weird

The lion’s beard

The awesome feared


He shape tall

He make small

The stripped

The spotted

Pup cuddly cute

The red eft newtPicture2

Grape’s gnarled root

Fox highly refined

Bat and badger blind

sea slug shimmering

Deep sea luminescent

jellyfish fluorescent

daily eating 10 times their body weight

Or consider the blanket octopus’ mate

The female weighs 40,000 times more

Which is more than any man could ask for

Earth’s treasures abound

Deep down underground

quartz sparkled & marbled

minerals brilliant or darkled

Above the heavens declare and proclaim

That no day is exactly the same

one day Picture3it can rain frogs or fish

or rainbows appear as our wish

He create crazy

He make zany

Creatures winsome and strange

Like buPicture4tterfly phase change

Or tropical velvet worm

Could make some squirm

Ensnares its prey

In a very unusual way

With sticky foot long slime

It dines at mealtime

Slime squirted from its head

Tangles prey in its thread

Of frogs 48Picture5 hundred species exist

Strangely weird and wonderful

Some swallow their babies then spew them out

Toads from thPicture6e back of their mother’s skin sprout.




I could go on to the crack of doom

And would not be finished anytime soon

I could recount each and every wonder

But that might be a blunder

For you may tire and lay this poem aside

And tell me to take a ride

But I must mention before I

Of people too,

He made not few

Of every race and of creed

Variations of one seed

The down and out

The knock out

The wash out

The high and lofty

The awfully scrawny

The haughty and the naughty

He loves and loved each one

Giving His only begotten Son

That they might come to the light

And never be afraid of the night.